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Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening

FLUSCO - photos

A selection of photographs showing how the development of the Industrial Park has made it increasingly difficult to trace the alignment of the Railway.

Click on any of the pictures to open an enlarged version in a new window.

Before development started

Photo No. 1
View along the trackbed from the Division Moor Road on the western boundary of the site in 1995.

Photo No. 2:
Serial photograph of the works in 1997, showing where the Industrial Park roads were later added

Industrial Park Construction

Photo No. 3:
In 2003, the Phase 1 road cuts through the trackbed on the east side

Photo No. 4:
In 2003 the Phase 2 road was proposed to cut through the trackbed. This was part of CKP's objection

Photo No. 5
In 2005, Eden District Council allowed the road to cut through the trackbed

Photo No. 6:
In 2006, Eden District Council gave permission for a fuel depot to be built across the trackbed

When Planning Permission for the fuel depot was given, less than half of the total area of the Industrial Park had been developed.

The fuel depot could have been relocated, or re-designed to avoid obstructing the trackbed. Eden District Council's own policies state that by "careful design" such problems can be avoided. The Council decided not to enforce such measures and allowed the Railway trackbed to be built on.

Other previous developments had been carefully sited, or adapted, to avoid the trackbed after comments by CKP Railways plc.

Photo No. 7:
In 2007, part of the trackbed was taken over for open storage and car parking

CKP Railways plc commented on the planning applications for this open storage and did NOT object to the principle, but commented on details.

Such open storage is not a major obstacle to reopening the Railway as clearance is only a matter of minor earth moving. Installation of drains, laying of cables and siting of permanent buildings on or too close to the trackbed would cause problems and (avoidable) additional cost.

This is how trackbed protection policies can work for everyone's benefit - accommodating present day needs without denying future possibilities.

Photograph No. 7 was taken looking in the same direction, from almost exactly the same position, as photograph No. 3 above.

Photo No. 8:
2007 view along the trackbed alignment westwards through the fuel depot.

The Industrial Park in 2008

Photo No. 9
In 2008, further ground clearance has taken place within the Industrial Park

Photograph No. 9 was taken in the same direction as Photigraph No. 5 (above).

The warehouse building on the left is clear of the trackbed - this was confirmed in correspondence before planning permission was granted.

Picture No. 10
2008 view from Division Moor Road across the Industrial Park site

Photograph No. 10 is the same view as Photograph No. 1 (above) taken just 13 years later. This is the result of failures to enforce existing policies on Railway trackbed protection.

Note how much land is undeveloped - different arrangements for the fuel depot (in the centre of the picture) should not have been difficult to make.

Details of the planning applications and dialogue with Eden District Council about protecting the trackbed are on the "FLUSCO - History" page.
Details of the policies which exist to protect this, and other, railway trackbeds are on the
"Planning Policies" page.

Click here to go to "FLUSCO - History" page

Click here to go to "Planning Policies" page

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