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Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening

Getting Involved

Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way.
On this page we suggest different ways to get involved and support the Railway Project.
For example:

click here to download a black and white poster

click here to download a colour poster

Practical help

All we ask you to do is talk to others about the need for this Railway, and how it can become a "model" for other re-openings around the UK.
The more people that contact Councillors and MPs, to show how people all over the country would benefit from a Railway to Keswick, the more likely they are to support it.
Please feel free to use any information from this website.

Meet us at an event

Meet us face to face to discuss any aspect of the Project.

Go to "Public Events" page

Make a Donation

Our main source of funding at present is from the sale of Bonds - in multiples of £100.

If you want to make a smaller donation, cheques made out to "CKP Railways plc" are welcome by post to our Carlisle address. Please do not send cash.

Our postal address

Buy something !

We can also supply an order form for you to buy books, videos, greetings cards, posters, etc. related to the Project.
Profits or commissions from sales via this form go to CKP Railways plc to help the Railway Reinstatement Project.

click here to download an Order Form

Write a Letter or Sign a Petition

Here we might list the names of people to write to or suggest signing an online petition.

In our "Updates" we publicise planning applications which could obstruct the trackbed.

We will also post Urgent Notices on this website when necessary.

Go to "TRACKBED PETITION" page (petition closed in 2009 but still relevant)

Go to "Urgent Notices" page

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