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Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening

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The Managing Director and Engineer is
Cedric Martindale.
Company Registration No. 3665365


Railway Consultancy

Iceni Enterprises Ltd
provides consultancy services to the Railway Industry in several countries.

Advice, guidance, assistance with Project Management :

   Peer reviews

   Design Management 

   Feasibility of reopenings
   Network planning and development
   Traction and Rolling Stock technical aspects
   Technical Staff Competence Assessments
   Putting freight on the Railway

   Special understanding of the oil and gas industry

   Special knowledge of Russia and the CIS

   Short term or long term assignments

We provide down to earth, common sense opinions and seek simple practical solutions.
No "smoke and mirrors".
We enjoy explaining technical things simply and easily to non-technical people so that everyone understands what is going on !

... at the same postal address as CKP Railways plc.

Company Registration No. 3317696

Email address: cedric@martindale.f9.co.uk

Russian document translation services

Translations Russian - English and English - Russian by professional, native Russian speakers.

English language contact and easy payment via a UK bank.

Stable, competitive prices.

email: cedric@martindale.f9.co.uk

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