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Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening

Media Policy

We are a VERY small Company and do not have armies of people available to deal with correspondence.
We do, however, welcome any interest in the Project and will do our best to provide information and access for genuine media enquiries.

Although various people and organisations are associated with the Project, only one person gives OFFICIAL views and comments on the Keswick to Penrith re-opening  -
Cedric Martindale, Managing Director of CKP Railways plc.

Our policy overall is to speak up and tell our supporters and the media when we have something concrete to say, rather than simply keep feeding "non-news" - we know that the media soon get fed up with such "bumf", and it wastes our precious time if we simply churn out material with no substance.

Also, we do not believe in issuing lists of complaints or tub-thumping  messages just for the sake of it, 
That approach simply creates more time-consuming reactions to deal with, but does not help us get to our ultimate goal.

We prefer to use our energy quietly in the background producing solutions, not moaning and groaning.
We only highlight problems when it is blindingly obvious that someone else could and should be solving them !

Please keep watching - the Project will get mentioned in all sorts of places from time to time !





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