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Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening


25% of the price of each item goes to CKP Railways plc for the Railway Re-opening Project
when bought direct from Iceni Enterprises Ltd.

Books, Fine Art Prints, Greetings Cards and DVDs
with Project and local connections.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Project over the last few years.

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Keswick and Penrith

- Planning the Railway's Return

ISBN 978 1 902543 05 5

196 pages, 116 pictures and diagrams



The whole story so far.

Why the railway would be important, how the technical and commercial cases were developed, what sort of railway CKP Railways plc proposes - and why.

The book summarises what has been done and what needs to happen next. 

Real life comparisons to illustrate how this particular project has been tailored to suit local needs. 






Return to Keswick

– the Case for a new Railway

ISBN 978 1 902543 02 4

41 pages, 24 colour pics, 5 diagrams



The Lake District is under siege from the car; Keswick in particular is a town which is

both popular with visitors (over 5 million every year) and a centre for local industries,

but is being strangled by ever growing traffic congestion. Visitors rate traffic as one of

the main factors which threaten to spoil the National Park but most arrive by car !

The railway from Penrith, on the West Coast Main Line, was run down and finally

removed in 1972 amid great controversy - it has been sorely missed.

This book summarises the background work done, collating information and

arguments which justify the construction of a modern railway to provide everyday

transport services into and out of the northern Lake District, not to amuse tourists.

There is an aerial photographic survey of the line, maps and diagrams, tables of data

and illustrations of the type of railway being created.

Integrated Transport

– an independent view.

ISBN 978 1 902543 01 7

28 pages, 6 illustrations


Cedric Martindale’s responses to a Government consultation on Integrated Transport in 1997 which listed 27 specific issues for discussion. Offers ideas on ways to reduce the damaging dependence on motor cars – in some areas 30% of

households do not have access to cars at all;

in others the only car takes the breadwinner to work and leaves others stranded.

The old, young, infirm and those who would rather not use cars are excluded from

everyday activities, essential shopping, medical services and leisure facilities.

Some of his ideas about funding of transport projects were reflected in

Government statements, even before publication of the White Paper.   



Seven Bells from Silloth

ISBN 978 1 902543 00 0

58 pages


This book is a chronicle of a branch line from the 1930s to the early 1950s taken

from the railway’s own records, supplemented by notes on articles in the local

newspapers of the time. It should appeal to railway and general historians as well as

those simply curious about how a railway coped from day to day in the steam age.

Many local people will find relatives or friends mentioned in the pages.


Historical records can be dry and dusty but this one is full of incidents both amusing

and tragic as well as a wealth of information on the day to day operation of a line

which shows far more activity than many would believe on a “rural branch line”.

The records cover the Second World War period, listing Air Raid Warnings and other

consequences of the conflict - many of which will not have been publicised due to

reporting restrictions. The supporting newspaper articles show how important the

railway and its staff were to the community of Silloth.

Sustainable Transport
- an independent view
ISBN  978 1 902543 04 8
264 pages, 77 illustrations plus tables
A broad study of what passenger and freight transport – by all modes - should be doing and how it can be made relevant to people’s everyday needs.
It discusses what people need from transport, offers opinions on planning and implementing transport projects in a wider context including community needs, service provision, value for money, land planning, housing, energy supply, environmental impacts, farming  and food conflicts.   
The book offers regional, national and international perspectives. 
It is intended to be thought provoking and encourage communities, transport providers, authorities and politicians - at all levels - to take a fresh look at transport before uncoordinated development, the decline of fossil fuels and climate change make some choices hard or impossible.




A Fine Art print of the Lakes Express
near Bassenthwaite Lake in winter.

Available as a print
(approx 16” x 24” rolled in a tube) 

or on Greetings Cards
(6” x 8”, blank inside, with white envelope) 
£ 1.40 each


Film professionally made just before closure in 1972.

DVD available from
Iceni Enterprises Ltd.
£ 14.00 per copy, post free.
Includes additional information on the history of the Railway and the
 reinstatement Project.
Film of the line, its staff and local personalities just before closure.
Footage from the last day of operation and demolition thereafter.
VHS cassette no longer produced.


Please click here to download an order form for all items

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