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Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening


Progress so far towards our Transport and Works Order (TWO):

Engineering Design                                             DONE

Environmental Assessment           ABOUT HALF DONE

Business Case           published June 2007 by NWDA
Consultations                 one phase already completed

Route Protection - by LDNPA in core policies from 2010 

Legal powers application    –    when these are all ready.

We are collating information about land ownership and have consulted many landowners at different stages of the project.

If you own part of the trackbed and we have not contacted you, it is probably because your details are not in the Land Registry or former British Rail land sales records.

Please contact us so that we can keep you up to date with progress and discuss how the railway might affect you.

Click on picture to view a larger version

The site of the North Lakes Industrial Park
at Flusco, before development began.
Seen from the former bridge site
next to Division Moor.

Engineering Design work included:

Aerial laser survey (quick and accurate)
Bridge and structure assessments
River scour assessments for bridges
New earthworks and bridges where needed
Alignment plans for the whole route
Scheme Description Report

Environmental Impact studies included:

Wildlife habitats
Endangered or protected species
Landscape impact
Effects on people living near the line
Watercourses on and below the ground
Noise and visual intrusion
Effects on road traffic

Click on picture to view a larger version

Digital scan of the station site at Blencow from the helicopter laser survey.
Different colours represent different elevations.
The trackbed of the loop line (orange) can be seen centre-right, clear of the warehouse building and going behind the platform. Many of the taller objects (green) are
moveable items such as containers.

"Updates" will keep you fully informed. Details on the "Newsletter" page

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