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Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening


This is a summary of benefits which CKP Railways plc believes that the
reopened Railway can bring to
Keswick, the Lake District, Cumbria and Northern Britain generally:

An initial list given to the NWDA by CKP included the following:

Ø      Minimum employment boost for Keswick / Penrith area = 56 full time jobs.

Ø      £1 million per annum additional visitor spend in and around Keswick.

Ø      Showcase for many local skills and industries

Ø      Equalise access to seasonal employment markets in Keswick, Penrith and Carlisle

Ø      Participate in professional training schemes in association with local education providers.

Ø      Serve 3,000 people with regular transport needs in one small area who are overlooked !

Ø      Save 500,000 gallons of fuel per annum - irreplaceable resources worth about £2M per annum !

Ø      150,000 less return car journeys per annum on the A66 and other Lake District roads.

Ø      Relief of up to 500 car journeys (and demand for parking spaces) from Keswick on a peak day.

Ø      Enable full occupancy of visitor accommodation without increasing road traffic pressures.

Ø      Railways are noted as wildlife corridors because train operation excludes human interference.

Ø      Earthworks and structures are part of the landscape - the Railway will secure their future.

Ø      The National Park wants to quadruple visitors arriving by public transport - CKP would provide about 15% of the National Park’s target extra capacity.

Ø      Every visitor arriving by train would need to use public transport (including taxis) during their stay, thus increasing the market for all local services.

Ø      We have proposed a minibus circular route to serve the station, accommodation areas, town centre, bus station and lakeshore with a low fixed fare.

Ø      A PILOT PROJECT FOR THE FUTURE - Relying on roads in future is not a realistic option.

All the figures are based on published statistics from relevant authorities and local knowledge.

Many have been provided or confirmed by other professionals and organisations.

Reopening of the Railway has also been identified as an important development
for the future of the town in the
Keswick "Masterplan" published in early 2007.

Click here to download the Keswick Masterplan

Click here for LDNPA Traffic management information



The "Business Case" page gives details of an external study

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