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Keswick to Penrith Railway Re-opening


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November 2017

Update 63 made available for download 

Facebook Group link updated 



September 2017

Note about meeting with Cumbria County Councillors on home page

Link to ThatsTV feature added to home page


August 2017

Book notice and order form link for "Keswick and Penrith - Planning the Railway's return" added to home page. 

July 2017

Notes on home page about Lake District National Park World Heritage Site status.

Update 62 made available for download. 


June 2017

Note on home page about re-election of local MPs.


April 2017

Notice on home page about Cumbria County Council elections 4th May 2017. 


March 2017

Aditional historical links on "why did it close? " page 


February 2017

"What kind of Railway ?" page added 

Adoption of existing Bonds mentioned on "Bonds" page 

Facebook group mentioned on "Chatgroups" page 

POLITICS page added 



 January 2017

Donations page with electronic payments facility added 


November 2016

 Update 61 available for download 


September 2016

Additional information regarding Floods and Bridges.


April 2016

Update 60 available for download 


December 2015

Notice re bridges damaged in floods


June 2015
Extension of Bonds announced on "Bonds" page
Updates 57 and 58 added to "Newsletter" page 

March 2015

43rd anniversary of closure noted on home page 

BONDS page updated and simplified 


December 2014

Christmas and New Year message on home page

Route Protection page revamped with cost examples and policy arguments

Links page updated 


November 2014

Update 56 added to Newsletters page

2014 media report links updated 

July 2014
Home page announcements re Local Authority meetings hosted by Keswick Town Council.
Media report links backdated to 2003 (more archive material available online) 

May 2014

Media reports updated for 2013 and 2014 


August 2013

Home page re-designed and website internal links updated 

April 2013

Information about planning applications to infill a bridge and to develop the station site at Threlkeld - both resolved in a way which protects the Railway trackbed for re-opening.

March 2013

Announced on Home Page - application made to Regional Growth Fund.

Announcement of funeral collection and commission payment from Chester-le-Track.

Successful outcomes to two planning aplications in the National Park.

Lake District National Park Authority applied trackbed protection policies.

Details on the "Urgent Notices" page.

Planning Policies page updated - LDNPA entry.

Update 53 made available through the "Newsletter" page.

January 2013

Planning application for extension to National Park depot at Threlkeld which would affect the trackbed and platform area.

CKP objection and request for support.

Details on "URGENT NOTICES" page.

December 2012

Planning application to infill Bridge 91 at Highgate.

CKP objection and request for support.

Details on "URGENT NOTICES" page.

Infilling described on "Bridges and Tunnels" page.

October 2012

Aditional information and pictures on the "Footpath" page.

"Bridges and Tunnels" page started.

September 2012

Update 52 made available via "Newsletter" page.

April 2012

Details of CKP 150 events at Keswick and Threlkeld.

Updates back to No. 20 (April 2002) available to download - 10 years of Project history.

March 2012

CKP 150 announcement and page added.

Update 50 (Winter 2011 - 12) available to download.

November 2011

Announcement that Regional Growth Fund application was unsuccessful.

New posters to download - black and white and colour versions ("Getting involved" page).

Update 49 (summer 2011) available to download.

August 2011

Announcement about CKP Railways plc application to Regional Growth Fund.

Announcement about issue of Bond interest cheques.

Update 48 available through the Newsletter page.

Mar 2011

New links on Railway Footpath page

Historical links on "Why did it close?" page

Update 47 available through the Newsletter page.

Jan 2011

"Buy Rail Tickets" page added.

Nov 2010

Update 46 available through the Newsletter page.

Christmas order deadline date (10th December) published

Sep 2010

Notices about Bond cheques issued and Update 46 published.

July 2010

Planning Application at Flusco which might affect trackbed - CKP comments

Link on home page to Cumbria Local Transport Plan (LTP3) Consultation for the years 2011 - 2016.

Commercial Sponsors page added.

Update 45 made available via "Newsletter" page.

March 2010

Update 44 made available via "Newsletter" page

No planning issues in first quarter of 2010

December 2009

Notice on home page for Christmas and New Year orders to be received by 15th December.

Christmas and New Year greetings and thank you.

November 2009

Planning Application received by the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) which would affect the trackbed at Troutbeck. Full details via the "URGENT NOTICES" page.

"Project History" page updated from 2007 to mid 2009.

Update 43 made available via the "Newsletter" page.


September 2009

Planning application 09/0207 (industrial unit) added to "Flusco - History" page.

Update 42 made available via "NEWSLETTER" page.

Update 43 distribution announced.


April 2009

URGENT NOTICES page - another planning application to build on the trackbed at Flusco !


Objections were originally required by 22nd APRIL 2009.



Bondholders voted to extend redemption date to 30th June 2015.

See "BONDS" page for more details.



February 2009

Update 41 made available via the "NEWSLETTER" page.


December 2008

Announcement about DVD version of  "Trains to Keswick" added on "SALES ITEMS" page.

November 2008

Teletext item on LibDem calls to re-open the line put on Home page

October 2008

"Links" page : Local media links updated.

"In the Media" page: Links to local newspaper articles from 2004 to 2008 added.

September 2008

References to Update 40 added.

"In the media"  page started with BBC Politics Show link.

"FLUSCO - Photos" page added to show the effects of development without effective implementation of trackbed protection policies.

July 2008

"Flusco" Page renamed "FLUSCO - History". Brief summary of proposed developments, objections to development, other representations and opinions and granting of planning permission at the site from 2000 to date. Maps and plans.

A further page "Flusco - photos" will be added to show how the site has changed visually.

June 2008

Notice of appearance on the Politics Show, BBC North East and Cumbria, 8th June 2008.

"This is not a pressure group" explanation added to home page.
Possible future rail connections map added to home page.
Update 39 (Spring 2008) made available.
Notes on grant funding added to "about the project" page.

May 2008

Planning Application to extend an agricultural shed at Cocklakes, which could damage the Railway trackbed.

TRACKBED PETITION page updated - petition closed with 918 signatories listed. Summary of the Government's response, and a link to the full text. The petition can still be viewed on-line.

March 2008:

"Books and History" page added.

"CONSTRAINTS" page added.

February 2008:

Update 38 (winter 2007 - 08) now available through "Newsletter" page.

More information on related businesses on "Contact us" page.

January 2008:

"New Alignments" page added.

"Urgent Notices" page updated with details of approval of a planning application at Flusco.

"Progress" page enhanced with details of how to interpret the photographs and laser scan data.

"TRACKBED PETITION" Page added with link to trackbed protection petition (external petition to the Prime Minister).

"Our task" paragraph added to the right hand column of the "About the Project" page.

"Newsletter" page links repaired - all Updates from No. 26 (Spring 2004) to No. 37 (Summer 2007) now accessible in pdf format. These files have been sized for clear printing, not fast downloading. Most are between 100kb and 400kb.

Additional material available via the "Why re-open the Railway" page.
Commentary added to further illustrate the development of the project internally and externally.

Media Policy expanded to clarify that there is only one official spokesman for the Project.

"New Alignments" page added.

"Urgent Notices" page updated with details of approval of a planning application at Flusco.

"Progress" page enhanced with details of how to interpret the photographs and laser scan data.



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